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Fancy Yellows

Of all our Ydiamond’s collections, our Yellow Diamond Collection is our most noteworthy, as we are acclaimed as one of the largest suppliers of fancy yellow jewelry in the world.

1 out of every 10,000 stones mined out of the earth is a fancy colored diamond, 1 out of 10,000 of that is in the desired fancy yellow family. The yellow diamond’s value is contingent on the the intensity of the yellow in the diamond.  The more yellow the diamond, the rarer it is, hence the higher the value.

The yellow diamond has achieved the greatest popularity of all colored diamonds over the years because of its beauty and affordability, most notably amongst celebrities. Yellow diamonds are the most common form of colored diamonds. While yellow diamonds come from all over the world, the intense yellow diamonds mainly originate from South Africa, Angola, Central Africa, Congo, and Sierra Leone. All our diamonds including yellow diamonds have passed the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS).

 Just like white diamonds, yellow diamonds can be found in all shapes and sizes, and in various color intensities. The spectrum of intensity for a yellow diamond ranges from light yellow to fancy light yellow to fancy yellow and ending at the most rare and expensive of all, the intense and vivid fancy yellow.

  • Fancy Vivid Yellow- darkest yellow color available. These are  extremely rare

  • Fancy Intense Yellow

  • Fancy Yellow: One of the most desired color ranges, along with Fancy Light Yellow.

  • Fancy Light Yellow: One of the most desired color ranges, along with Fancy Yellow.

  • Light Yellow (Y/Z color): In the diamond chart, which starts at D being the best color, once it reaches Y-Z range it becomes expensive again since it is in the yellow diamond family.  Anything in the middle of the chart, like M N O P colors, is less desirable and hence cheaper in price.

 The average stone requested by a consumer is a fancy light or fancy yellow in color which is the equivalent of asking for a G-H-I in white stones.   Clarity of yellows is the same as in white with the most sought after is VS2-SI2 in range but color is more important than clarity.

 Fancy Yellow Diamonds come in all shapes. Rounds, Asschers, Princess  and Emerald Cuts are extremely rare in yellow diamonds since the yellow light does not show up in them due to the way they are cut.  If you do find a nice fancy yellow round or EC with nice saturation of yellow color it is extremely rare and hence much higher in price than other shapes. Radiant and cushion are the most popular shapes in yellow because those shapes show the most color of yellow in the stone.  The other popular shapes are Ovals, and Pear Shapes.  Heart Shapes and Marquees have a more acquired taste.

 While identified as a yellow, many fancy yellow diamonds, as is true with other colored diamonds, can often appear to have a secondary hue within them. The colors most often seen in yellow diamonds are brownish yellow, orangy yellow, and greenish yellow. Yellow diamonds with these hidden extra color combinations, while beautiful and diversifying, can affect the price positively or negatively as compared to that of pure yellow diamonds, otherwise known as canary diamonds.

 Fancy Yellows are a wonderful investment. They are currently priced about the same or a little more as a near colorless white diamond.  Considering yellow diamonds are so scarce, their price should be astronomically higher (like with pink diamonds). However historically, although their supply has been scarce, their demand was not as high and hence the prices of yellows has been similar to white diamonds. Recently, demand for fancy yellow has increased greatly with the endorsements of celebrities, and big names such as Tiffany and Cartier. Therefore, the fancy yellow has the potential of tremendously increasing in price much faster than that of a white diamond in the future.

 With so many available options in style and affordable pricing, fancy yellow jewelry is the perfect addition, or even the foundation, for any fine jewelry collection. And at Ydiamonds, with our large supply of exquisite and well priced fancy yellow jewelry, you can find everything you are looking for.