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Jewelry Care

While resistant and resilient, diamonds are still not invincible. Diamonds require, as most valuables, care and protection. There is always a possibility for them to chip, break or fall out of a setting , which is why it is important to always care for your diamonds and jewelry.

YDiamonds wants to protect you from any damage to your jewelry, which is why we have created a list of tips to help you keep your diamonds and jewelry in their best condition:

  • Be mindful of your jewelry at all times. For example, when you have a ring or earrings on, you should be aware of them, and making sure that you do not partake in any strenuous activities that could risk their breakage or loss. For example, activities like washing the dishes, working out at the gym, gardening, etc. can make you run the risk of either breaking or losing a piece of jewelry.

  • Make sure to have your diamonds and jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected every year. Also if there has been any trauma or damage to the jewelry, such as it hitting a hard surface or being dropped.

  • Try to clean your jewelry and diamonds yourself with a jewelry cleaner as often as possible, since products, dirt, makeup, skin oils and perspiration, etc. can all affect the sheen and natural beauty of the diamonds.

  • Make sure to protect your jewelry inside individual soft cloth pouches (like the one that comes with your YDiamonds jewelry box). This will ensure it is protected from getting lost as well as from being scratched or damaged from another piece of jewelry.

  • We highly recommend you insure your jewelry against damage, loss, or theft. For insurance information, you can find information here