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Why YD?

Why buy from YD?

Actually, why buy fine jewelry online at all?

Because, why not?

In an age where we can buy almost anything off the Internet, why can’t we enjoy that same luxury with something as significant and timeless as jewelry?

Don’t just take it from us.

Just as luxury e-commerce is on the rise, fine jewelry sales are also booming. According to a McKinsey study from October 2015, the online sale of luxury goods, including jewelry, could triple over the next ten years.

While there are countless reasons behind this rise, there are some obvious factors to note. The whole concept of jewelry is about feeling good, and the process of searching for jewelry, especially a gift or sentimental item like a wedding band, can ruin all the pleasure. The task of going from store to store, dealing with salespeople who might not have your best intentions and rather their own commissions, the inability to compare all the pieces from all the stores, and the high probability of not finding what you are looking can end up as a very stressful experience.

Locality can also be a factor. There are also many people who don’t live near any fine jewelry stores. Why should they not have the same access to high quality and styles as others just based upon where they happen to live?

Another wonderful benefit to shopping online for jewelry is the opportunity to keep the whole process private. Whether you want to buy a surprise gift for your wife, or mother, or if you want to buy something for yourself and would rather make the decision comfortably at home as opposed to the awkwardness of going alone to a jewelry store, online shopping gives you that private space you need.

At YDiamonds, you can enjoy the comfort of your home or office, with the luxuries of a fine jewelry store. With collections in all categories of jewelry, including wedding bands, gift items, and high end pieces, YD is the perfection destination for all your jewelry needs.